Game on!

This year Raleigh has really been into video games. I don’t mean just the new stuff, although he does love Pokemon. I am talking the old stand up arcade games. Pac-Man, Galaga, Dig Dug, Space Invaders, etc. Since it was the big number ten, double digits, I wanted to do something special. So we rented three stand up vintage arcade units for the party. We also managed to tie in all his favorite game themes.  I myself love gaming so I was pretty excited about this theme.

Raleigh 10th bday.jpg

Mario themed “Fire Flower” veggie tray, Pac-Man pizzas, Tetris cookies, Coins, and Pokeball strawberries. PIZZA: The pizzas were small personalized pan pizzas in cheese flavor. We added a pepperoni eye and then baked them. After they were baked we cut the slice out for the mouth and put all the slices on another plate. TETRIS: The cookie cutters are from Amazon of course. Used a simple royal icing recipe. Made the base color first, “flooded” the icing and let that cure, then added the lines on top. VEGGIES: Ranch dip with olives for the face. Carrots and baby tomatoes for the fire top with broccoli and cucumbers for the stem and leaves. STRAWBERRIES: Strawberries dipped in white chocolate candy quik and let to dry. After dry used black icing to make them look more like pokeballs.

game party food 1.jpg


FRUIT: We made the watermelon to look like Chomp Chomp from Mario. PRETZELS: I bought the mini pretzels and used candy quik to make the body by just spreading it on there. Then I added candy eyes to some. ONION RINGS: Sonic’s golden rings are just Funyuns. ATOMIC FIRE BALLS: I used pvc pipes spray painted green and added felt leaves. I used a 8″ styrofoam ball spray painted red and used white foam for the spots and lips. I just cut out a slice and somewhat scooped out the middle so the fire balls would stay. This to was themed after Mario. CAKE: Very possibly the simplest cake I have ever made. Made 4 thin layers of yellow cake, iced the layers and then cut out a slice for the mouth. Dirty iced and then iced with yellow icing. The eye is just a black candy melt circle. The cupcakes were left white to look like the dots he eats in the game. There were also candy melt ghosts to top them. (I used a pac man ice cube tray for that) The table was black with blue painters tape to represent the grid.

game party food 2.jpg

I used rolls of tickets for the backdrop and made a Level 10 banner. I found metal print signs on eBay of arcade classics. The space invaders images in the window and tablecloth are from Amazon as are the star balloons. I added two pieces of electrical tape for the eyes to resemble the stars from Mario. The food placards were made in Microsoft word using clipart. The small tins of candy (coin block & mushroom), mini space invaders arcade game and small arcade tins of candy can be purchased at Amazon or Cracker Barrel restaurants. The utensil holders are green painted pvc pieces.

party table.jpg


The game over sign is tin and was found at Hobby Lobby. The Pac Man is actually a piggy bank from Wal-Mart. The treats to the left are “pixels”. They were just sour cube candies. The middle is Hershey bars with Nintendo controller wraps. ( ) The “bonus points” were bags of Runts candy.

pacman goodie bag.jpg

I hope if you are also planning a gaming party this helped you some. This party came natural to me since I grew up addicted to Nintendo. I have been dubbed the “Mario Queen” here at home. My husband and I both have our original NES systems and have made an original gaming area at the house in the bonus room with old and new gamer systems alike.



The whole family wore gaming shirts. All from Amazon or Kohls.


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