Rock on! (A how-to on making a geology party rock.)

We decided on a geology themed party for my son. He loves going gem mining and looking for arrowheads. We built our own gem mining area and a pet rock station. First, I will start with the cake.

The cake was two large pans of brownies with chocolate frosting. Topped with chocolate rock candy and a homemade edible geode.

I used this idea for the edible geode. I had no other ideas for toppers so I made 4 of them in case one didn’t work. It was a good thing I did because only one of 4 turned out but the one that turned out was perfect!!

Next is the Pet Rock Station. I wanted a unique “goodie bag” something the kids would want to take home. We did edible rock candy and chocolate rocks but I do love crafts as well. My son and I went out and collected the perfect rocks and then cleaned them up. We printed off these funny instructions and put them with these milk carton boxes from Target’s dollar spot. All the kids were able to choose their rocks, paint them, put eyes on them and name them.

petrock collage.jpg


While those were drying we hit the gem mine next. My husband yet again helped me make this idea doable. We ordered bags of gem rocks off Amazon and he filled a metal trashcan with dirt and the rocks. Then we set up 3 wash basins to sift the rocks and built rock sifter pans with wood and chicken wire. The kids grabbed a sifter, got a scoop of dirt and then hit the wash basins to sift out the dirt. After they got the rocks they brought them to me and we identified them and put them in burlap bags with their names. Now, I will admit that this party was last year and I am late posting again. But with that I can tell you that this party was such a hit. So many parents told me at this years party (which is coming soon) that their kids still had their gems and talked about how much fun they had. We put ours in a mason jar and on a shelf in my sons room.

gem station.jpg

For food we had a few items to help tie in the theme.  Agate cookies, which were so easy to make. Recipe here: make. Also rock candy cupcakes. I purchased real agate slices and put them in these geometric frames. Also printed this image off Etsy and framed it.×10-printable-digital?ga_search_query=gemstones&ref=shop_items_search_1. Along with a salt lamp and some of his favorite gem finds the party really came together. This was another wonderful birthday party to remember.

geology collage.jpg


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