Gymnastics Party

Every year we try to base the theme of our kids parties on something they are really into at the time. Well this year was absolutely gymnastics for my daughter. She loves where she takes tumbling and dance so much that this year was our first party away from home. We rented the gym building and threw a “flippin'” good time. Because the building and settings were pretty much the decor we mostly focused on food to tie in the theme. Being as opinionated as she is, she informed she wanted a pink cake, with sprinkles, a gymnastic girl with a purple leotard on and her monogram. Not asking for much eh?

The building had a wall of trophies which we used as our back drop and the other room was the foam pit/gym area. For the food table we tried to stick to her favorite things, which are few, and add other party hits. The cookies were “gold medals” (we used fruit by the foot for the ribbons), the fondant girl came from Etsy and she made it custom for my daughter. ,  the monogram cake topper came from

Gymnastic party.jpg

gym party drinks.jpg

The menu was inspired by gymnastic and dance moves. The building is called “The Rock” and they host valley cheer squad. You can see the trophies were perfect for the backdrop. I also ordered some small star trophies on amazon ( and spray painted the bottoms pastel colored.

gym menu.jpg

gym balloon.jpg

For party favors we did pastel colored hula hoops and jump ropes.

gymnastics party.jpg

This is the other side of the glass from the food table. It’s the tap room and we set up the favors and gift table there.

gym gifts.jpg

Invitations came from

Gymnastics invite.jpg

The kids had so much fun it was hard to get them to slow down for pics.



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