It’s Minecraft time

Are you a “creeper”? I know I am. I creeped every Pinterest post I could find about Minecraft and man was that overwhelming. When I started out, I knew nothing about Minecraft and I think my son had just as much fun coming up with ideas as I did. I handed him Pinterest and he handed me back a board full of 120 pins. Here are our favorites that we used and links to make them yourself all in one place. A whole Minecraft party in one spot.

Let’s start with things you can do in advance. Gift wrapping.

minecraft presents.jpg

Green wrapping paper, red wrapping paper and craft paper.I used these images and cut them out and pasted them to the kraft paper. and The TNT was his favorite, red paper, white paper and wrote out TNT.

GOODIE BAGS! Always a big hit.

minecraft goodie bags.jpg

Green bags with creeper faces. I printed it out, cut out the face with exacto knife and used it as a template.

Backdrop for the food table.


Excuse the glare. A storm came and the lighting was bad. Anyway, I ordered a minecraft poster from Amazon ( and I glued it to poster board. Then I attached it to the jute rope and added tissue paper garland in gold, black, dark green and light green. Here is a how to on the tissue paper garland. You can make that weeks in advance. (

minecraft banner.jpg

This was my favorite thing to make and probably the tastiest! It was a huge hit. Homemade creeper peeps.

minecraft marshmallow.jpg

I have never made marshmallows before and this was actually quite easy. I made them on Tuesday and stored them in a air tight container. They stayed very fresh. Trust me, they are worth the hassle! Also pictured is the toppers for the brownies. I printed them out and attached to lollipop sticks. Peeps: Toppers:

I made the “cake pops” on Wednesday and also stored in a container until Saturday. I did refrigerate these. They were also a huge hit. All the kids loved them and once all the adults realized it was snickers they loved them too.

minecraft pops.jpg

You will need candy melts in red, black, brown, green and white. snicker minis, lollipop sticks and edible markers.

On to the cake. I made the cake on Friday and the dirt block was so easy. I wish I could make a dirt cake every year.

minecraft-cake minecraft cake 2.jpg

The “grass” on the table came from Amazon. and the cake decorations were from Etsy. They were gum paste creations and I messaged her that I needed a creeper, TNT and Stampy cat of course. She put together a listing for me.( The cake I made using this tutorial.

For beverages we made “Lava” punch and “Creeper” juice.

minecraft drinks.jpg

The creepers are juice green mondo juice with creeper faces drawn on them and the lava punch was delicious. Adults and children alike both raved about it. Here is the recipe: 2 containers of vanilla & orange sherbet and 2 bottles of strawberry soda.

Now for the rest of the party food.

minecraft collage.jpg


Grass block brownies: Used a brownie pan so they were perfect squares and just topped with green icing.

Rice Krispie Creeper Treats: Green food coloring added to homemade treat mix. Topped with creeper faces made of chocolate. I printed out the creeper faces again. (Just resize to suit yours) Top with wax paper and pipe out melted brown candy melts.

Creeper cookies: Square sugar cookies topped with green royal icing. Allow to dry and top with creeper faces again.

Creeper pizza: Digorno pizza sticks baked mid way then I top with pepperoni’s and put back in to finish baking. Made perfect creeper faces.

Hope this has helped some other moms with minecraft addicts in their home. It was a great party and I am sure yours will be too!

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