We survived 100 days of school

My oldest came home with a project for his 100th day of school. This was new to me but I loved the idea. I love celebrations! We immediately came up with lots of ideas, of course his favorite was one already seen on Pinterest. I try to be original but it was his favorite so we went with it and improved it a bit. The shirt was just a plain white tee. I bought lots of different band aids and these markers.
fabric markers
Next I went to Microsoft Word and typed in the words “I survived 100 days of 1st grade and so did Mrs. McLawhorn.” I blew them up to a larger size and printed them out. Then I put them on a piece of cardboard and put them under the shirt. I used the fabric markers and traced the letters. The instructions say to let the paint dry for 24 hours but by the time I got to the last word the first word was dry. Give it 30 minutes and turn it over to work on the backside. Now is the time to get the kids to help. We counted 100 different band aids. Band aids these days are expensive, $4 for a box of 20. This shirt is only being worn for one day so I really didn’t want to invest that much into it. My husband had the idea of double sided tape and it was genius. We taped all the band aids on. They lasted the day but could be peeled back off and saved.
double sided tape
The shirt turned out great and he was very happy he got to help.

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