Lego Party Time

For a Birthday theme this year my son had a very hard time choosing between Duck Dynasty and Lego. Finally Lego won out. YES!!

Let’s start with invitations.


I made my own with cardstock using their template which was extremely easy.

In an effort to not be overwhelmed on party day I did as much as I could before hand. These can be made WEEKS ahead of time.

We looked at some of our mini-figurines and just free handed from there.
These were all hand drawn also.

Get your kids involved and let them take over this task.

We spray painted a propane tank yellow and I freehanded the face. It didn’t turn out as hoped but I was pushed for time and actually did this the day of. It was a bad idea. Do it a week or more before!

Again get the kids involved. Make a empty cube for a utensil holder and throw some smaller legos in a clear sanitizer bottle.

Juice boxes were a big hit!! (The lego ice cubes of course have to wait until the day of. They were made with a mold I bought from amazon. Ice Tea went into the container. Note: The soda was just for adults. I hate drinking from juice boxes.)

Now to the day BEFORE party time. I went ahead and made the lego pops. (They have a tutorial in a previous post


Also the day before were cookies and the cake.

I used a sugar cookie recipe and cut them into rectangles. Since I had so much leftover fondant from the cake I just used that for the top. You can use icing.

(See the cake in the left corner? Yep that’s the best one I have. Totally spaced out and didn’t get one. 😦 My little helper was helping me roll out fondant for the cookies)






We had lego fruit skewers. (Bamboo skewers with printed out lego heads attached.)

Cupcakes with chocolate lego men. (Mold also bought from Amazon. Made using colored candy melts. The men can be made days ahead of time too.)

Veggie shooters. (Every year there is so much waste. So in a effort to stop that I found these little containers so everyone could have just enough dip & veggies.)

Lego candy. (Bought in bulk from Amazon)

Fruit salad. (YUMMY YUMMY)

Chips. (We reused old lego boxes for the containers)

Lego Pizza. (Digornio has these cute little rectangle shaped pizza. I think it was called dippers? or something like that. I bought the cheese version and put my own mini pepperonis on it to make it lego.)

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