Lego Head Pops

I will start off by saying that I was really scared to try this one because quite frankly I have tried cake pops twice and they didn’t work real well for me. I just couldn’t quite get the chocolate melts to apply evenly. So I took to Google to find out why. (Thank God For Google.) Turns out there is this awesome product called Paramount Crystals. Basically it thins the candy melts out without changing the flavor or color. (I bought mine from Amazon)
I started off by melting one bag of Wilton yellow candy melts in a glass bowl. Once completely melted I added 1/4 cup off crystals and stirred. I wasn’t happy with it so I added a little bit more at a time until I was. (Probably about 1/3 cup.)
While your chocolate is melting in the microwave go ahead and take some regular size marshmallows and put them on the lollipop sticks, that way once your chocolate is ready you won’t waste time. (It hardens quickly) Now that your marshmallows take the tip of your spoon and put a drop of chocolate on the top, now add a yellow M&M. I make about 8 at a time and then stick them in the freezer so they can harden. They will look like this.
Once they are ready you can now dip them in the yellow chocolate again. Now comes the tricky part. After you have dipped it you need to swirl and tap it until you are happy with it. It will drip off easily and just keep tapping until it slowly drips. That’s usually when I stop. Then I put them on my cake pop holder to dry. If you don’t have a cake pop holder then turn a colander up side down and use those holes. (The metal ones work best but if you are worried then try a lollipop stick by itself for a test)
Once they are all dry you get to be creative. Make sure you have some edible markers. These are what I use and you can buy just the black if you want to. (Amazon)
I had lots of fun with these.

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