Sandcastle Cake

While planning my daughter’s 3rd birthday I decided upon a mermaid theme. I immediately knew I wanted to make a sandcastle cake. Browsing around online I found some really cute pictures and only one had instructions. ( I liked her ideas but I also tweaked them a bit. See below:

the cake

I made a large batch of sand for the cake, sand pudding, cupcakes, and I used it on the plates to sit the cookies on. I made up my own sand recipe because I found that graham crackers alone tasted like cardboard. I don’t own a food processor but my blender has a “crumb” button and that worked pretty well.

Sand Recipe
2 boxes Graham Crackers
2 boxes Nilla Wafers
2 cups toasted cocounut
3/4 cup white sugar
3/4 cup brown sugar
1 1/2 cookie part of the oreo

I used a 10″ well greased square pan for the bottom layer. My tips are I always use Wilton brand bake even strips and tap the cake pan a few times before baking. Once it’s cooked let it cool in the pan for about 10 minutes and then tap it out onto a cooling rack, wait another 20 minutes. Then I transfer it to the freezer for 20 more minutes. (This helps the cake stay together. Ever iced a cake and it falls apart? Not anymore.) Then I put it directly on to my cake server. The other two layers are 8″ & 6″ circles. I stacked all 3 levels before I iced them because I wanted the icing to be “tacky” so it would hold the “sand”. Once they were stacked and iced I applied the sand. I found this was probably the most difficult task and it really wasn’t that hard. I sprinkled it on, threw it on and tapped it on. They all worked! I used sugar cones and marshmallows as embellishments also done the same way. I cut the tips off the cones and put in the straws. They helped the cones stay on a lot better too. I also added “flags” to the straws that matched our theme. At Michael’s I found blue rock candy and sprinkled some around the base mixed with sand so it looked like sea glass. Also about a week before I made chocolate shells with a mold also from Michael’s. They were pretty easy and I refrigerated them until needed. I made all the rest the day before and wrapped it in saran wrap overnight. It truly was the highlight of the party. Nobody wanted to cut into it because it was so beautiful.

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