The Owl Cake

The Owl Cake

Almost 2 years ago now I made this cake for my daughter. It was my first experience with fondant. It has been pinned thousands of times and I am very honored. Here are the instructions:
Owl cake I made for Kensleigh to match celebrate express’s owl birthday supplies. I will tell you the best I can. I am not a professional, just a mom who loved the owl theme. I live way out in the country and we don’t have bakeries here, so I gave it a shot. This was my first attempt. I made the marshmallow fondant from It isn’t easy to work with but it taste so much better then store bought. Anyway if you are going to make your own then do it at least 24 hrs. previous. Then you will need to color it using the concentrated coloring. Second: I made a 9″ cake and once cooled I just cut it into a oval shape. I rolled out the brown and placed it over the cake and smoothed it on. Cut off the edges. ( I recommend buying the level 3 cake decorating kit from wilton. It comes with the basic tools which is all I used. 3rd:Next I used the smallest circle cutter and cut the 2 browns out and arranged them for the chest feathers. (If u use a paintbrush and wet the back it will stick). 4th: I used the same brown from the body and made larger ovals for the wings. 5th:Large white circles for the white, then black and blue. Take the black for eyelashes and the brown for the ears and put them in a bowl. Allow to dry and they will dry curled and then apply. 6th:The feet, nose, and bow were done by hand. 7th: Take some of the light and dark brown and start mixing. It will take on a woodgrain effect. Just shape it and cut out leaves and apply. Hope that helps!

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