Christmas Juice Boxes

Christmas Juice Boxes

I don’t know about you but I always volunteer to help out with the parties at my son’s school. Christmas is my favorite of course! This year rolled around and we actually had so many people volunteer there wasn’t much for me to do. I got in charge of drinks and goodie bags. As I don’t allow my kids to have anything with high fructose corn syrup that ruled out sodas or pretty much anything from a 2-liter bottle so we quickly decided on Apple & Eve juice boxes. (For Halloween my son requested themed juice boxes and that was a no brainer. We used white electrical tape and googly eyes and made mummy boxes. They were a huge hit.) So I was challenged when he asked for Christmas juice boxes. When I googled them and searched Pinterest I had no luck either. We couldn’t decide on one so we tried out a few.

Items you will need:
Brown pipe cleaner
Goggly eyes
Red pom poms
Circle cutter
Red, white, black, yellow, orange and brown scrapbook paper
Tape, Scissors and Glue.

Snowman: Take the white scrapbook paper and wrap it around the box. Tuck the edges like you are wrapping a present to cover the bottom. Using the black paper cut 3 small circles and glue them on. Take a small strip of red and glue it for the scarf. Then use scrap or small triangles and glue them for the scarf ends. For the nose I let my son (age 6) to cut them. They were all bit different but he got to help. Then he glued the nose and eyes.

Santa: Wrap the box with the red paper. Using a strip of black attach the belt. Cut a rectangle for the belt buckle and then a smaller rectangle inside. Lastly use the white and cut random curves for a beard effect. Again let the little ones glue if you want some help.

Rudolph: He was by far the favorite. Take the brown pipe cleaners and form antlers. Tape them to the back of the juice box before wrapping. Next wrap the box in a brown paper. Glue the eyes and nose.

These were such a hit that 2 kids didn’t drink theirs because they wanted to save them and the rest asked to take home the empty boxes.

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